About Amherst

Amherst: The Residents We Serve

The Amherst housing platform serves residents who:

Want the flexibility and convenience of renting while in their household formation years

Want the quality, space and amenities of a single-family home but cannot qualify for a mortgage

Are younger, with larger families, and higher student debt burdens

Have limited access to high-quality single family housing options

Amherst Products

Renovated Single-Family Homes for Lease

  • Amherst’s single-family rental platform provides growing families the choice of a high-quality home in communities of opportunity that they likely would not be able to access otherwise. Housing is an ongoing need, and we provide it in a way that is accessible, affordable, and supported by a full suite of resident services.
  • Amherst has been focused on adding quality housing to the U.S. market by renovating homes, building new homes and rental communities, and helping to answer the growing demand for single-family homes.
  • Surging prices and tight credit markets have made single-family housing services more crucial than ever. Single-family homes for lease can also ease some of the struggles residents face when searching for a new home.

Build-To-Rent Communities

Build-for-rent communities add supply and meet consumer preferences. We directly address the significantly underbuilt U.S. housing market by constructing high-quality homes designed to last within purpose-built rental communities. We acquire new-build projects as raw land, developed land, or at certificate of occupancy. We expect to own and operate these homes as rentals for decades to come, so we invest heavily in quality and sustainability.

Benefits Include:

  • Creating stable communities – 96% average occupancy creates close-knit neighborhoods with low turnover
  • Meeting consumer preferences – added amenities & community safety
  • Solving the housing shortage – in 2021, build-for-rent homes accounted for 12% of new single-family construction[1]
  • Promoting economic growth – $12 million in tax revenue, and 290 jobs created for every 100 single-family homes constructed[2]

Amherst Housing Incubator

Our solution development platform where we utilize our capital to innovate and develop new technologies or products that are solving pain points in the housing ecosystem.

For-Sale Homes

Through Bungalo, our direct-to-consumer platform out of our housing incubator, Amherst acquires and renovates homes, incorporating thoughtful design elements and high-quality, sustainable finishes into the properties before listing them through the Bungalo brokerage. Home buyers enjoy a turnkey experience with post-close protection while purchasing a move-in ready home.

StudioBuilt™ Homes

An innovative approach to home development that utilizes industrialized, offsite construction to create new housing supply at scale without sacrificing quality.

  • Safer & more efficient construction 50% faster than traditionally built homes
  • High quality homes with 10 times more inspection points
  • Meet all building & code requirements with customization capabilities
  • Converts vacant & blighted lots into property tax producing, accessible housing
  • 24/7 customer service & full suite of resident services